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Sign In and E-Mail Addresses

 Why is it necessary to have to sign in to view a gallery and what do you do with the e-mail addresses?

 Signing in to a gallery let's me know when, who and how many people are viewing my pictures. It is a way for me to tell how much interest each gallery is getting as well as how often and how long it is being viewed. Unfortunately there is no way for the software to recognise repeat viewers so you have to sign in each time. I try to limit the "sign-in" as much as possible by only assigning it to single galleries.

 E-mail addresses are never used for any purpose other than me personally contacting the viewers. They are not compiled for lists to be sold to third parties or given to anyone for any reason. When you sign in your address is added to my "contact list" which I use to mass mail information to the viewers. If you use an invalid address it affects my ability to send out mass e-mails.I have to go into the list and find and remove all the "invalid" emails before I can send it out.I will block anybody from the website if I find out you are using an invalid address when signing in. Sometimes I will be sending out coupon codes for discounts on purchases, if you give a invalid address you cannot receive the coupon code.

Site Navigation:

GoBlue Photography is primarily a sports/event photography service specializing in high school and receational sports.However we also do special private events, parties social gatherings weddings etc. under "DSP-GoBlue"

If you are looking for a private event you should have an access code and or password as private events are protected from public view. You should have received the access code, password and instructions on using them in an e-mail from me if you were the client or from the client if you were a guest or friend of the client.

If you are looking for a public event such as an athletic contest it will be in one of our galleries. Galleries are labeled according to content (such as "Sports", "Performing Arts" etc) and contain sub galleries (such as "Pro Sports","High School Sports" etc.), each sub gallery will contain several individual galleries of events or games. If the event you are looking for was held recently it can be found in the "recent" section, just click the link on the top left hand side of the home page or the button in the menu bar at the top of any other page. If you are a client click on the "client" link and enter your access code. For all other queries you can navigate through the galleries starting by clicking the "All My Photos" link or you can click on the "search" button and enter "keywords" (such as:" Football", "Cheerleading" etc.)

In order to make the viewing easier I have begun to reduce the amount of pictures in a gallery, this makes it easier to view but also makes it necessary to divide and event into "parts". Each event will require a sign-in but the "parts" will not.


Register an Account


 Viewers coming to  the site  have the option to register an account specifically for my website. By registering, viewers can store their billing and shipping information to expedite future purchases. A viewer can save their shopping cart and favorites for reference later, and share them with friends and myself. I strongly recommend signing up for an account especially if you are planning on making purchases. A client account will make it easier for you to find pictures and place orders and to receive help when needed.



 Clients can login or register for my site by clicking the login link next to the copyright at the bottom of the page. In the new window a client will either create an account which is specific to this site or, if they have already registered, login with their e-mail address and password.

Guess Book & Coments

The Guestbook feature is available for all galleries, groups and collections. This feature allows visitors the option to leave Guestbook entries that are visible to all visitors or for the photographer's eyes only.

The Comments feature allows viewers to leave comments on individual photos that are visible to the public or for the photographer's eyes only. Viewers can also suggest alternate cropping as well as highlight a specific area on an image

To leave a guestbook entry, navigate to the gallery, group or collection you would like to leave an entry for

  1. Under the thumbnails at the bottom of the page, click the + button to expand if necessary.
  2. Locate and click Add Entry. A text box will appear.
  3. Begin typing.
  4. If you want the entry to be public, click Public Entry. If you want the entry only to be viewed by the photographer, click Private Entry.
  5. When finished, click Add Entry.



To leave a comment, navigate to the photo you would like to leave a comment for

  1. Beneath the photo, click Add Comment. A pop-up window will open.
  2. In the text box enter your comment
  3. If you want the entry to be public, click Public Entry. If you want the entry only to be viewed by the photographer, click Private Entry.
    • If you would like to suggest alternative cropping, select Suggest different cropping. A cropping tool will appear in the photo thumbnail. Click to drag the corners of the cropping tool until you are satisfied.
    • If you would like to highlight a specific area in the photograph, select Highlight an area. Click and drag the tool over the photo until you have highlighted the desired area. You can do this multiple times until you are satisfied.
  4. When finished, click Add Entry








Shipping, Handling & Coupons

Shipping and handling charges are determined by our photo labs. They generally use the "flat rate" system when they ship by US Postal Service and "actual weight" rate when shipping via FedX or USP. If your order cost is less than the shipping charge it is probably because of the "flat rate" charge for that size shipping container. Shipping and handling charges also include the sales tax I pay on your order. I reccomend that your order be no lessthan $10.00 as the lowest S&H charge is about $5.00. For small prints (4X6), if your order is less than $10.00 you can e-mail me rather than order on line and I will submit the order to a local lab and then mail them to you in a regular envelop,  this may save you a few dollars but will take longer as I will need to collect and process the files and payment before your order is processed.

I will also be offering various DISCOUNT coupons from time to time. These coupons will be offered through the e-mail address you use to view the galleries so if you don't use a real address you will not get the coupons.

Copywrite & Watermark

 I use a watermark to protect the copywrite on my pictures. The pictures are on the site for you to view or purchase, not to be copied to personal computers, used on facebook or any other social media or any website, cell phone, tablet or electronic device without my permission.  Unfortunately, some people don't respect the copywrite and copy the pictures off the gallery. I have reduced the opacity (darkness) of the watermark and placed it in a position that will make for better viewing but if I continue to see my work on facebook and other places I will have no choice but to increase the opacity and return the position to cover the maximum area.  if you want to use an image on your facebookpage or some other electronic device please purchase a download ($2.00). All prints and downloads have the watermark removed. I have to pay an annual fee to post the pictures for you to view plus the costs of equipment and web hosting, the price for dowloads help to defer my costs thank you for your cooperation.

                                             Purchasing Prints

If you need help with ordering prints please watch this video


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