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This unusual bird looks much like a cormorant, with it's coloring, body form, and long "S" shaped neck. However, they're larger than a cormorant. They also have a long bill that measures about twice their head length, whereas the cormorant has a shorter curved beak. The Anhinga also has an almost lacy pattern of silvery-white markings on their back that can be either spotted or striped. This attractive pattern dramatically stands out against the rich dark coloring of their backs. The males have a dark purplish coloring on the back of their heads, with their backs being a deep black-green set against the white markings. Their long tail feathers are a deep black-blue color. The females are lighter in color, with their throats and long necks being a yellowish-cream-gray and their backs more of a dark brownish black. Like many aquatic birds, Anhingas eat their food whole; swallowing fish head first so that the spines lay flat as they swallow.

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